Why Your Roof Repairs need Periodic Cleaning

Your roof will change over time as it will not always be new. It may get discolored over time due to extreme weather conditions, dirt and algae cleaned if not effectively cleaned. Although there is no much you can do about the weather conditions in your area, cleaning your roof will help improve the roof’s lifespan and its appearance.

How Periodic Cleaning Extends Your Roof’s Life

On average, a new roof is quite expensive. It costs thousands of dollars thus you should embrace roof cleaning to expand its life. Many homeowners have had to deal with effects of bacteria that eats away their shingles. They say that they just saw what looked like dirty or black streaks on their roofs and just thought that the signs of a roof seeing the better days. With periodic cleaning, a roof that was meant to last for 10 years will last for 20 years.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Hire a professional roofer who will accurately inspect the roof repairs. Someone has to go up the roof for inspection but this is also something that can be done when cleaning. With proper cleaning, stains and damages can be revealed rather than when someone wants to determine the status of the roof from the ground.

Roof Cleaning is Important to Maintain Your Warranty

Your roof manufacturer has recommended maintenance instructions that you should adhere to. Your roof needs to be properly maintained which involves periodic cleaning for its warranty to be valid. Most of the manufacturers give a very impressive warranty and to have it valid, you must play your role.

Roof cleaning will Get Rid of Lichens

This is one thing that you must hire a professional to get rid of. This is because it is very hard to remove lichens without proper equipment and techniques. You are probably wondering how you can identify this nightmare on your roof. When fungus and algae combines, they make up lichens that are likened to plant organisms. The other reason you need to hire a professional for besides being able to get rid of the lichens completely is to prevent reoccurrence. Rain and humidity are some of the things that boosts reoccurrence of this problem on your roof.

It’s a Way of Preventing Stain Damage

When stains are left for long on your roof, this will lead to a damage that you could have prevented. If roof cleaning will not eliminate the roof damage completely, it will significantly reduce it. Wood rot and deterioration of shingles are some of the damages that can be prevented if the roof is cleaned as recommended by experts.

The dirt, algae and debris on your roof is dangerous to the shingles. Besides locking in moisture, it will easily make your roof vulnerable to leaks. With time, the edges of the shingles start to lift up and in case there is a huge storm or rain, the roof will be severely damaged. Lichens is another problem that can be removed by specialist cleaning.