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if you are using oxycodone 5mg or if you are potential new user of the drug, you should be aware of the fact it an addictive drug and should only be used under prescription of a doctor and should not under any circumstances be used by someone else other than the person it is prescribed to. you should keep track of how much oxycodone 30mg has been used from the as it is a drug of abuse and you should if anyone beside you is using it. the general precautions with the oxycodone 5mg are that it should be kept under a secure place others especially those with addiction past and children cannot get to it. while under the use of the drug alcohol should be avoided at all cost because if the narcotic medication is mixed with alcohol it could result in dangerous side effects and in some rare cases even result in death.

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oxycodone 10/325 should never be taken in large amounts or a long time than that which is prescribed to you by the doctor. if the oxycodone 10/325 does not provide the desired effect of relieving pain you should inform the doctor who would suggest an alternative.
5mg oxycodone if in tablet form should be swallowed whole with plenty of water to avoid choking, if in the prescription you are told to take more than one tablet than you take one at time not trying to swallow them all at once. do not crush, pre-soak, chew or break the tablet of oxycodone 30mg as it may cause too much of the effects of drugs to be released at one time. if liquid form of oxycodone if prescribed to you it should be measured with special dose measuring spoon, do not use regular table spoon and if you do not already own a measuring spoon ask your pharmacist where you could buy one.

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/> oxycodone 512 can also cause constipation, so plenty of water should be drunk to avoid constipation and laxative should not be used with first consulting with your doctor. after extensive use of oxycodone 512 suddenly stopping using the drug could cause withdrawal symptom if that is the case consult the doctor on the ways avoiding withdrawal symptoms?
general side effects of oxycodone are nausea, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite, dizziness, headache, tired feeling, and dry mouth, sweating or itching, but if you feel any of the serious side effects such as shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, seizure (convulsions), cold, clammy skin, confusion, severe weakness or dizziness or feeling like you might pass out than you should using 5mg oxycodone consult your doctor. oxycodone 30mg can also cause an allergic reaction the signs of the reaction are face, lips, throat or tongue swelling and difficulty in breathing if you experience any of these seek immediate medical attention.

/> after you complete your prescription the best way disposing of oxycodone 5mg is to flush it down the toilet, disposing of medicine by flushing them down the toilet is to reduce overdosing risk. the manufacturers along with fda have recommended this form of disposal to be most appropriate for oxycodone 10mg.

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